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Grab yours before they're gone


Hi! I am Laure (Lor), a coach, coach mentor and coaching supervisor with over a thousand hours of experience. Through exploring your sessions with your clients, the relational dynamic, your own process and interventions used, I help you:

  • Gain understanding and confidence in your skills

  • Taking your practice to the next level

  • Forget about doubts and worries - or debilitating  impostor syndrome.

So you can feel more comfortable with what you do and how you offer to your clients.


You can now truly enjoy your sessions with your clients knowing you are doing a great job. 


Allow your coaching to shine!


If you think you're ready to be a great coach in your niche, improve your use of skills and ditch the  impostor syndrome beliefs because of lack of confidence, let's chat so we can discuss how I can help you.


I am now opening up 10 slots to a complimentary Supervision discovery Call.  Let me help you gain confidence with one coaching challenge you have right now.

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