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icf acc mentoring 

One of the requirements for ICF ACC accreditation is to receive 10 hours mentoring with a supervisor who is at least on their second round of ACC accreditation. Out of these 10 hours, a minimum of 3 needs to be on a one to one basis, the remaining can be in group.

I have designed this programme to meet your purpose and be in alignment with the ICF mentoring requirements. My purpose is to support you in the process of your credentialing journey with a touch of fun.


Because this is my passion. Since 2015 I have been a mentor, for coaches in training;  this included supporting coaches in training to gain their qualification as well as their accreditation through one-to-one and group mentoring.  Working with coaches helped me discover how passionate I was about working with them and supporting them to develop their coaching. I then decided to train and qualify as a coach supervisor in 2017 and work with coaches on getting to know themselves better and improving their coaching skills.

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How does it work

Three of the requirements needed for ACC accreditation are to submit a recording with its transcript and take the Coaching Knowledge Assessment (CKA)  having previously had 10 mentoring sessions. This programme has been designed to prepare you for that.


These sessions allow coaches to learn from each other by sharing their experiences and challenges -a brainstorm around how to manage different situations and discover other options to one might have done. These sessions will also help you to prepare for the CKA. Group calls are scheduled in advance and limited to 6 people ONLY for a better use and quality of our time together.


These three sessions are to focus on you personally; perhaps you find you are being triggered by a topic or perhaps you find it difficult not to tell your client what to do. These sessions will allow us to explore what goes on for you.  


One of our one to one sessions will be set aside for us to discuss and exchange thoughts on one of your sessions. It is extremely important to recognise the value of this session. Most coaches finds this one to be their favourite as it allows for great conversations and insights on your coaching.


"Laure is a calm and competent coaching supervisor. Her experience has enabled me to improve my coaching technique and make me more aware of the areas I need to focus on for my ICF credentialing."


"Laure is a great coach and manages the ICF ACC mentoring with professionalism and humour. She expertly guides us through the ICF ethics and competencies and prepares us for the ACC accreditation process. I feel more confident now about taking my exam and getting my ACC accreditation."


"I am so glad that I signed up for Laure's group supervision programme. While it's important to have 1-to-1 supervision, I have gained so much from the group aspect in knowing that I am not alone. Laure makes her sessions fun and engaging and working with the same group over a number of weeks has allowed us all to build rapport and an understanding between us. I am grateful to Laure for clarifying and easing the route to ACC."




Thanks for submitting!

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