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An experienced and credentialed coach and supervisor with over 950 hours of practice.  I help people get unstuck, gain clarity, and make positive choices - particularly in the areas of life that is so important for our happiness and fulfilment: Self, family, relationships and work.

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What is it, and my approach
For me, coaching is an empowering, reflective and non-judgemental way to create change with someone. It is a practice which a coach can help someone get from A to B by walking beside their client, but not by holding their hand:  I believe coaching can support someone to make the changes they want to, but shouldn’t ever push them to do it.

My style in particular is neutral and reflective, and highly practical. I help to show you what you present to me by active listening and recapping; a gentle but effective approach which has created significant change for my clients over the past few years. Then I help you develop ideas and plan for actions you can take to create the change you want. 



You can work with me on many different aspects, wether it’d be on improving your relationship with a loved one, getting clarity on what job to opt for or untangling your mind around something that is frustrating you and much more. What all my clients have in common is that they want something to change in their lives. 

If you are unsure whether your challenge is something suited to coaching I would invite you to get in touch to schedule a quick call so we can work it out together.



What for?
Supervision is a space where the practitioners can explore aspect of their practice such as what went well, what could be done differently, discuss any triggers or challenges they may be encountering, how to improve their skills or which one to add to their services and anything else that would help them be at their best for their clients at any given moment.


Who for?
Supervision can be beneficial for coaches or any integrative practitioner therapist such as hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner or any other alternative therapy. 

My approach

I believe in helping any practitioner providing the best service they can to their clients, it is very important for me to recognise that every practitioner will be different and need different things from the sessions which is why it feels only natural to me to adapt that approach to the needs of my supervisees.



People come to me with different challenges. With a combination of the safe space and guidance I provide, and my clients’ commitment to exploration and action, positive change happens.




30 min.     |     Free

A 30 minutes call to get to know each other and decide whether we will work together.

Book clicking here

Clarity Session

90 min     |   One off  

A one off 90 minutes session for people who may have a very specific situation they want to get clarity on.

Sessions package

This is a recommended option for people who wish for sessions on a regular basis.

Supervision Sessions

Supervision session focus on your practice whether it is coaching or any other alternative therapy practices.

Please note that sessions either via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Phone. Clients decide of the frequency of their sessions that suit them best, however, in order to provide a better service and to get to know each other the first 3 sessions will need to happen within a period of 8 weeks.

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