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A supportive space to unload

This is the first benefit of supervision we will be focusing on: You are not alone!

Many coaches I work with mention how helpful supervision is and no longer feel alone in the profession.

Who hasn’t had one of those sessions where you might have felt triggered by something shared by the client or simply questioning about your own performance. Perhaps are you having a more sensitive day and wondering if your client actually got anything out of the session.

All this can create “Inner Chatter” which can influence your performance or even lead to lack of self-confidence in your skills. This is where the power of talking and sharing gains importance, it helps to know there is someone you can reach out to get some support from someone experienced and with the necessary tools.

Today’s question for you to comment below: Think about the last challenging session you had and share what would have been helpful to you in that moment.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and follow me on social media to join in the conversation!

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